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ANE Corporate Social Responsibility:
ANE is committed to being a strong corporate citizen and supporter of the communities in which we operate and do business around the world, either to our partners and customers.
Social Responsibility is at the heart of our core values in the marketplace, our communities and our facilities. We believe we can grow our business while contributing to sustainable development and the social and economic well being of our employees and communities. As a result, we believe our responsibility as a good global citizen should be reflected in our business objectives, policies, philanthropy and employee programs.
In the marketplace we adhere to the highest ethical standards and fair business practices. We understand that the quality of our products and the wise use of resources in manufacturing them builds trust with our customers, economic strength for our business, and sustainable operations.
We respect the citizens, cultures, and customs of the communities where we do business. We strive to be a civic leader and role model in our communities by supporting social and community programs and operating our business with integrity, fairness and environmental stewardship.
We respect our employees by fostering an inclusive work environment that encourages employee development, safety, and personal growth.

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